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Sunday worship at Trinity
We meet at 10.45 each Sunday morning 

Our worship service is friendly, lively and informal.
It's open to all ages and offers a warm welcome to
everyone. We're a multi-cultural and multi-racial
congregation, with people from Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia,
Kenya, Poland, Ireland, Greece, and all places North,
South, East
and West. We also have quite a few in
our congregation who are Gorton born-and-bred!
What we share is a love for our Lord Jesus.

We start at 10.45am with songs of praise and worship, led by our music group. Then we'll share some news and celebrate some family time including birthdays. Most weeks this is then the time for our children and young people to go into their groups.

The "Energise" groups are a creche for the youngest one, Livewires for those aged 2 to 6, Activ8 for children aged 6 to 11 and Connect for young people aged 11 to 16. On the first Sunday of the month we usually all stay in the same room for an all-age family service.

When Energise goes out, the adult group stays for a Bible reading, times for prayer and a sermon. Our sermons focus on how we live the Christian life, applying the Bible to our everyday lives. We celebrate communion, sharing bread and wine, on the third Sunday of the month.


We finish at about 12.15pm, when free drinks are served in the cafe area.


What do I do when I arrive?

You will receive a warm welcome from our Welcome Team who will be able to answer your questions and direct you to where you need to go. 

Is there a dress code?

No! Please just be yourself and come dressed in your 'normal' clothes.


Will I have to join in?

Not at all. Feel free to simply observe or participate as much as feels comfortable for you.
You don't need to know 'what to do' as the leader of each service guides the congregation through the service step by step. 

How can I get to know people?

We know that it can feel a little uncomfortable for some people when starting up a conversation with complete strangers. Don't worry -  just catch up with the people who have been leading the service and they will be happy to talk. We have a welcome card you can fill in to leave your contact details if you want.
Feel free to ask anyone for help if there is something you need to know. We will be be more than happy to help you. 

We have a brew after the service, in the church cafe, so please feel free to join us for a drink and a chat. 

Will I have to pay?

If you are visiting or checking us out we don't expect you to pay anything.
Giving a donation is for our regular church attendees and members.
If you want to make a donation then that is warmly appreciated but please don't feel as if you have to.
Just come along and enjoy the service!

Is the church accessible to all?

Yes - we have wheelchair access to the building by a ramped entrance.
There are male, female and accessible
 toilets located on the ground floor, with level access throughout.

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