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Our pastor

Wayne Clarke is our pastor at Trinity Baptist Church.

Wayne has been pastor of our church since January 2018. He is married to Val who works at the local Oasis project and they have two grown-up children.

Wayne has been a Baptist minister for more than thirty years, and has pastored churches in Hartlepool, Liverpool and Huddersfield. His passions include music, writing, the history of Christmas and uses of technology.

For eleven years Wayne worked for the BBC as a radio producer and presenter and won national awards as a religious broadcaster. You can still hear him on BBC Radio Manchester and TWR from time to time. 

Wayne is the author of 'A Ready Man', the biography of Hugh Stowell Brown. The book was published by Instant Apostle in 2019. Details are here on the publisher's site and here on the author's site.

Wayne has a passion for the Bible as the living word of God. He loves to encourage people to live out the Christian faith in every part of their lives. He believes that we are here to make a difference in this world, to be "missionary disciples" everywhere we go.

If you would liike to contact Wayne, email him on: or call him on 0161 230 6466.
He's also on Twitter @WayneAClarke and Facebook.

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