Welcome to Trinity Baptist Church, Gorton

Serving God, one another and the people of Gorton

If you're looking for a church in this area we'd love to meet you. We have around 100 local people coming together on a Sunday morning at 10.45am. We're people of all races and all ages, from a few weeks old to almost 100. 


Whatever your background, whether you're a regular churchgoer who is looking for somewhere new, or you've never set foot in a church building before, or if you're somewhere in between, you are welcome here.


Ours is a relaxed, friendly group of people who would be pleased to welcome you. And as well as our regular Sunday morning services at 10.45am, we also host a number of other activities and groups in our building every week, which you are welcome to attend.

Our pastor, Wayne Clarke, would be very willing to meet you and help in any way we can. Take a look at our 'What's On' section for more information.


And if you have any questions at all, please drop us a line via our Contact Us page, or come along this Sunday for some friendly, relaxed company as we learn together about how a relationship with the Lord Jesus can change our lives for the better.

Our text for 2020:
Hebrews 13:8
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Our Sunday worship service is held every
week at 10.45am

Everyone is welcome

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