About Us

We are Christians who have faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

We believe that through Jesus we can have life in God for now and eternity and a freedom to be the people we were made to be.

The Deacons

The word "deacon" means a servant, someone who ministers to or serves others. At Trinity the deacons work with our pastor, Wayne Clarke, to lead and support the church in advancing the Kingdom of God.

Trinity Baptist Church currently has nine Deacons looking after various interests within the church. Geoff Beckingham (church secretary), Felix Kabutey (Treasurer), Mike Gurney (Deacon for safeguarding) Rachel Bawden (Designated person for safeguarding), Noah Chijingu, Kwaku Adjekum, Dave Oluleye, Mia Creely.

The Worship group

We have a well-established worship group with a commitment to the development of music and worship during our church service.

The worship group meet every Thursdays to party and practise. The group is made members of the congregation who are a blessing to the entire church. If you would like to join the group or know more about what they are doing, please contact Carol Iddon or Wayne Clarke.

The Children's Work team

Trinity Baptist Church has a Sunday morning youth and children's work called "Energise". This is a loving and safe environment developed to allow our young ones to learn the love of Jesus through the Bible and Christian activities. Energise is made up of Livewires (2-5yrs), Activ8 (6-11yrs ) and Connect (11-16yrs). Please contact Janet Iddon if you need more information about Energise at Trinity Baptist Church.